The Escarosa Beekeepers Association is a nonprofit organization comprised of passionate individuals dedicated to making the lives of bees better, both in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties and beyond.

Our organization is dedicated to helping beginner beekeepers establish their hives as well as providing a community resource for professional and experienced beekeepers to share tips and create a community.

We are a proud partner of the University of Florida as well as a sub-chapter of the Florida Beekeeper’s Association. Our partnerships allow us to share resources, information, and collaborations with the larger beekeeping community here in Florida.

Whether you are a professional beekeeper, a beekeeper who has recently relocated to northwest Florida, or just an interested person looking to take the first step on your beekeeping journey, The Escarosa Beekeepers Association is here to welcome you into our buzzing community. We encourage homeowners and gardeners to also be involved with our organization.

Escarosa Beekeepers Association Meetings

If you are looking to join in on the beekeeping fun, you can join our monthly meetings.
Our meetings are on the second Tuesday night of every month starting at 7:00 pm at the UF Extension building, 3740 Stefani Rd, Cantonment, FL 32533.

At our meetings we discuss,

Pertinent Issues

Beekeeping Tips

Congregate Allowance

Network Forming


Together we make all the difference

In addition to our fun and informative monthly meetings, we also take part in a variety of beekeeping events in Pensacola and the surrounding area every year.

We host workshops in the Spring and the Fall to help share the beekeeping knowledge with the public, as well as other social events like Christmas parties, a beekeeping barbecue, and more. It’s always a great time and an excellent way to connect your hive with ours.

In addition to our monthly meetings, beekeeping workshops, and other social events, you can also check out the Escarosa Beekeepers Association at the Pensacola Interstate Fair. Every year we team up with the fair to show off our Honeybee exhibit as a part of the local Agriculture presentation. What’s most exciting about this event is that we help educate the community about honeybees and have the opportunity to sell the local honey that the members of our organization produce.

There are plenty of ways to get involved with the Escarosa Beekeepers Association. We also provide information about how non-beekeepers can help be a part of the Honey Bee recovery.
So don’t hesitate, come “🐝” a part of our community.


Learn more about the upcoming events that are about to take place. If you’re interested feel free to join us.